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A Little Bit About My Work

My work is either thrown on the wheel or built from a slab. Slab pieces are usually textured from stamps that I carved from clay. I'm inspired by patterns found in nature, cheerful colors, and vintage kitchen tinware. Like the tinware, my pieces are durable and useful.  My intention is to bring a small amount of beauty into everyday household items. I like to make simple, functional pieces that find their way into regular use, not saved for special occasions.

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A Little Bit About Me

I became fascinated by the potter's wheel as a high school art student. The daughter of artists, it wasn't long before I had my own wheel, kiln and work space in my family's old barn. Many years later I'm still fascinated by the ceramic process, and the joy of inviting others into it. My goals in the studio are perennially to create and to share. 

My studio is in the garage of my home in Boise's North End Neighborhood. Although I really like being in my studio, you may also find me on a trail in the foothills or somewhere in the woods of Idaho with my husband and two sons. 

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